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If you're building a business or an organization, we provide the technology and the know-how to launch your product properly. Many clients require a newsletter Email system, social share buttons, video integration and an web advertising plan that makes sense and provides a beneficial ROI.

Social Marketing

Websites are great conversion tools but a proper marketing plan is crucial to bring those visitors to the site. A big part of a good marketing plan always includes social media. With helpful tools that auto-post to the most popular social media sites, your marketing efforts can be confined to a manageable work schedule. Schedule all of your posts and tweets ahead of time and let it all run on automatic!

Video Demonstrations = Sales

One in three consumers will buy a product after watching a tutorial video. Youtube has become the second largest search engine after Google. People want to watch the answers to their queries, not read them. The strategy is simple, when consumer use Youtube to search for answers to their problems, be sure that you've posted videos that do exactly that; answer their questions. When you've answered their questions, you can then provide a link to your website where they can make a purchase. We can help.

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