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The days of expensive office software packages are long gone.Unfortunately, most people are not aware of all the cost-saving alternatives, so they just keep paying for those high priced office packages. The need for alternatives has become even more pronounced in recent years as the big software producers have begun forcing customers into needless monthly subscription services. Our clients who purchase our websites design with monthly web hosting have access to our list of these software systems and professional advice.

Low Cost Work Stations

Like software, hardware can also represent needless expense. Commonly available office computers cost many hundreds of dollars and are stuffed with "free" software that will need to be renewed yearly. These computers boast huge hard-drives and powerful graphics cards and multi-processors. It all represents big cost for big performance for an office computer that does little more than reading Email, word processing and updating the business calendar. There's a better way and we can help you setup low cost solutions pres installed with low cost software.

Cloud Services

The next generation of web technologies is most certainly cloud services. Everything available everywhere! With cloud service, you can share files across all of your workstations, making select files available through a website login, available when you're on the road. Upload files to the cloud and send links to your clients, making it easy to share larger files with anyone.

Imap Email

It's best to use your own personal domain based Email account, it just looks professional! Managing pop Email accounts becomes clumsy when all of your devices independently download all Emails, causing you to lose track of what's been read and the ones you thought you already deleted.. The answer to Email clutter is Imap Email accounts. Similar to cloud services, Imap Email syncs your Emails across all of our devices, eliminating clutter and confusion in your inbox.

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